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And There Is Light

by Flutter

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Once upon a time She had a castle. Life began Between her thighs. Blooming your life and a voice that Speaks with the divine. Fireflies whirl sweetly Lost in precious time You need her You need this Don’t hold back your mind. It’s natural to feel this. Lay your hand To my head Checking for a sign What will it tell you? Am I alright? She made a promise Once upon a time Secrets heard Whispered in stars with a glow so Close to mine. I asked and I was given another try. This life is not a prison when there is light.
Light as air Swinging down A comfort breeze Turned around Opened up A music box The plastic dancer Twirls like magic With a quick close She is shut off Its quiet now I don’t hear her thoughts. Faintly I can hear her voice. It gets drowned out By passing noise I’m caught up in If you’re real Or here Or there It was hard to measure up To broken dreams And hard luck I heard the stories Time and again But left it up to Faith and fear This old trinket box Banged up edges And Faded parts Still can sing when it opens up the dancer Still moves I can see her watch. The light glares And it shines Good as new It tells the time I feel her shine. Are you there? Are you aware?
We’ve played with Violent attacks Dishonest facts And adversity I’m telling you that Out of this is victory For you and me Its dirty honesty. Leaving behind People with no names Unanswered phone calls Why is it so hard to care? No rewards for things I do I wish there was a reason To stay but I can’t think anymore. I have to go. It’ll never be the same if I go somewhere else. Glittering stars no heavenly scars Water so pure You can swim without worry. Air to breathe brings peace And a song to ease Everything. If I can dream it, I can reach it. All there is Is all I am. And, I am me.
Falling away Far from here Leading the way Out of weakness I never want to leave. One last chance to stop and see When things don’t go as planned Meet me on the shores of Wonderland. By the stream I follow its time. whispering past to connecting stars There is an end and a beginning no way to tell when it arrives. Faint pictures Mixed into space Return back to me without a face. There is an end and a beginning no way to tell when it arrives. Traced outlines Rewrite the story And put a close To disbelief. There is an end and a beginning no way to tell when it arrives There is an end and a beginning no way to tell when you arrive.
Sick On Sexy 04:32
There’s a break in the pattern. But, I need another glass of this thing that matters. I hope that it will last. Overfed and swelling for the slaughter Why are you so sloppy? You hope that it will last. Nothing is the same still I don’t see any change. ‘cause I’m medicated Maybe because I’m numb It’s hard to say. Still I don’t see any change Sick on sexy Weak from the fight Death of art Sore with upset Bitter at power Dull and wry Sick on sexy Weak from the fight Where is there to go once you’ve arrived? Phony smiles, glossy covers so sweet and contrived. How many licks does it take once you’ve bitten right through? It’s hard to wait. Enlist your candy-coated crew.
Your Gift 09:44
What’s good It’s sweet. It’s gentle. What’s good Open your gift. An exposed hush releases held breath. In this moment I soar. Ruffled feathers drop and recede. Filled with fire warmth ignites me. My heart sings an untouched grace flooding the faithful. I soar. My heart sees. What’s good It’s pure. It’s honest. What’s good Open your gift.
In A Fog 03:06
In a fog everything blends meshing now beams slip through formless still and secure In a fog Weaving through Rough and ready fighting fire with fire It keeps me burning ‘til I’m put out. Pain peeks within every cell. I know I’ve caused it all and can stop it too. Mother calls you to come home before you brag about the toys you left behind. Sadness washes over something to hope for. Unable to describe senses I just know.
The Planning 01:29
Time Out 03:58
I painted a picture for you. You can keep it, only if you want to. I don’t need any promises from you. Just keep this, if you want to. Time out. Find out. We were out of line. It’s fine now. You know me. I know you. Crazy things are easy to misconstrue. Now I hear how it sounds. And, I think it’s silly too. You know me. I know you. Things go wrong. We fall down. But I’m still walking I’m still talking I’m still singing For you. Take your time. Take some time. You have time. Take your time.
If I could hide it would work. I don’t want to die but I need a way out. Angel of Death Tells the time. Lady with a gift always does what’s right. It isn’t what I planned. Have I had a choice? I wave between real and pretend. When it came to me I sighed relief. Still more to do. The grief is new.
Exhibition of a neutral state A formless dance Random laziness Will you take the bait? I have no name. I’m untitled. Will you notice me Speaking incomplete words Maybe you overheard I have no name Translate my weight Discounting things I need nothing At this rate I will remain. Drain the speed again. A pestering fray I decay. I’ll make you love My flesh found whole Directly poured Non diluted flutter Absorb through clutter Nondenominational regret Taking in all sides I am what you think I am Ringing in your ears I scream disbelief Do you recognize Truth conceived Only through dirty glasses
Last Breath 01:14


released March 14, 2010

Christine Ingaldson - Lyrics, Vocals and Oboe
Tony Smith - Programming and Acoustic Guitar
Sean Payne - Programming on "I Have No Name"
Hair and makeup by Trisha Star
Fashion design by Rachel Sara Goldberg


all rights reserved



Flutter Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

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